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We are SouthBay Organics, located in Torrance, California. We are a small family distributing based company that specializes in organic health products. Our current featured product is Extra Virgin Centrifuged Coconut Oil, imported from Davao, Philippines. What makes this product so unique is that it is 100% organic, USDA, JAS, EU 3 certified, and just recently Fair Trade certified. The coconuts we use are handpicked fresh from Philippine farms that practice organic farming as a way of life. Therefore, no inorganic fertilizers are ever used in the process. 

Our Extra Virgin Centrifuged Coconut oil products come from coconuts that are handpicked, extracted, and bottled within 48 hours. This is our way of maintaining the freshness of our oils - through our unique Centrifuge Process. The difference between our Centrifuge Process and the more commonly used --- "Cold Press Process"  is that centrifuge occurs within no less than 48 hours upon picking of the coconuts.  Also, in order to preserve the true properties of the oil in its original state, we do not use heat in our centrifuge process. Cold press process on the other hand pre-heats the coconuts to high temperature to extract as much oil as possible. By overheating, the temperature destroys the true quality and composition of the fresh coconut; thus, wasting the value of the coconut itself. The end result is a strong inconsistent aroma of the oils that is not kept fresh through this method. Our oils have very faint natural coconut smell- freshly opened coconuts almost do not smell anything at all! Centrifuge is indeed a very laborious, tedious, and stringent process.  Most importantly, in our centrifuge process, only fresh coconuts are used! Otherwise, the method will simply not work. 

TrueFresh is immediately bottled in the factory within 48 hours of extraction. No repackaging of the oil is done once it leaves the factory. This organic product is also 100% chemical free, guaranteed.

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​Coconut oil replenishes skin, hair, and nails through its natural composition and can be used for multiple applications.


​Utilize coconut oil to help improve cholesterol ratios, increase cardiovascular health, support healthy thyroid function, alleviate allergy symptoms, and many more. 


Use coconut oil as a substitute for cooking oil, coffee creamer, or even butter in some recipes! 

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